Friday, 17 March 2017

Foot Drop

My MS is also slightly affecting my left foot (about 1 step in 10, my left foot doesn't 'rise' as well as it should)... sometimes, I seem to "roll" as I walk! It's called "foot drop" ("Foot Drop" is characterized by a stepped walking gait. While walking, you may drag your toes on the ground, or or bend your knee to lift your foot higher than usual, to avoid the dragging. Other walking gaits such as a wide outward leg swing may also indicate foot drop.)

Now I understand why some people pre-MS-diagnosis are simply thought to be "drunk", because of the way they walk - that's what happened the The Faces bass player, Ronnie Lane!

It's only a very slight/mild thing, really, the way it's affecting me. I've noticed I don't walk as fast as I use to (down the street, I mean)... My days of either being bare-foot, or wearing just thongs/flip-flops (when I'm out), are now a thing of the past. It's pure habit wearing thongs/flip-flops... I think I just need to throw them out! I haven't tripped, but because I'm much more aware of my walking, I don't want poorly-chosen footwear to be a reason for a fall, either!

It's still all very new to me, this whole MS journey... every day/week sees new insights into how it's affecting me... maybe even possibly for years prior, unknowingly!

I think I've noticed the whole walking thing, as now I'm more aware of some different MS symptoms - and my neurologist agrees with me about it.

Peas be with ewe 

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