Wednesday, 29 March 2017


The Dizzies / The Spins

I'm feeling so *&^%$#ing dizzy today.... gawddam I despise this depression illness! These things just kick-in so randomly sometimes.

Catch-22... I never seem to know if these dizzy spells are a side-affect of the meds for my bi-polar depression, or because of my MS... or simply that I'm getting older!

"The Spins / The Dizzies" sort-of feels like being very drunk, but without the 'buzz' - my physical body isn't affected, it feels like everything is spinning... doesn't make me nauseous, just tires me right out. It's the sensation of spinning - similar to what you feel on a twirling amusement park ride - even if you’re not moving. Plus it totally stops me from doing anything positively productive... I can't focus on anything long enough, while it's happening. A nap usually nails it on the head. (Makes me sound so old, doesn't it?!)

Sounds fun, doesn't it? No. No, it doesn't.

It's different to the "Brain Fog" that sometimes affects my immediate short-term memory.

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